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Created 10-Feb-14
Modified 20-May-24
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These are photographs taken in stacks of multiple photos using various means, like CamRanger which send the photos to your iPad and takes the photos as a stack. The photos are then edited using specialized software like Zerene Stacker. The stacks can contain as much photos as you feel can cover the full spectrum of macro focusing on the subject. Of course a tripod is used and a remote release and the camera is in LiveView. The photo name includes the number of photos used in that particular photo.

At this stage I am practicing and learning to do the process so some of the photos need editing.

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2014-02-09-13.34.29 ZS PMaxMmilitaris3REV Stack 62014-02-09-13.16.35 ZS PMaxMmilitarisREV Stack 402014-02-09-13.38.46 ZS PMaxMmilitaris4REV Stack 162014-02-09-14.06.56 ZS PMaxMmilitaris8REV Stack 182014-02-09-14.13.21 ZS PMaxMmilitaris9REV Stack 292014-02-09-14.21.56 ZS PMaxMmilitaris10REV Stack 382014-02-09-14.30.20 ZS PMaxMmilitaris11REV Stack 262014-02-09-14.40.54 ZS PMaxMmilitaris12REV Stack 372014-02-09-14.50.36 ZS PMaxMmilitaris13REV Stack 52014-02-09-15.13.34 ZS PMaxMmilitaris15REV Stack 28MossMoss StackSpider