Some of my photographs have been used for various publications. Others have been winners in local bird photo contests. One photo was used in 2007 as a theme photo for the KAAY FECC - Festival international de toutes les danses, 4ème édition du Festival Kaay Fecc, held in the République du Sénégal.

In 2007 I published two books using the Blurb book website. One book, called Aves del Parque Central de San Juan, can be seen here: The other is a nature photo book of the Caribbean Island of Dominica. It can be seen here: Also many of my bird photos can also be seen on two other excellent sites: and The endemic species can be seen here:

I’m a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Life in the internet with Dragonfly (Odonata) photos,, and to the local Ornithological Society, Sociedad Ornitológica Puertorriqueña, Inc,, with local bird photos. I'm also a contributor to the Center for Biological Diversity,, which used one of my photos for a special conservation petition before the Secretary of the Interior of the United States:

An interesting article on Nectarivory in Puerto Rican Emerald Anoles (Anolis evermanni) can be read at The article was published by the International Reptile Conservation Foundation which can be found at Other Anole articles can be found in the "Anole Annals" webpage: and


In a recent issue of the scientific journal LIfe: The Excitement of Biology 3(1), there is an article by Javier E. Mercado and Jorge A. Santiago-Blay, called Multiple Model Mimicry and Feeding Behavior of the Spider Web-Inhabiting Damsel Bug, Arachnocoris berytoides Uhler (Hemiptera: Nabidae), from Puerto Rico, in which one of my photos was used.  You can read the article in this link:

Finally, an article written by me in Spanish on Photographing Birds in Puerto Rico can be read at the following link:
Un artículo que escribí sobre Fotografiando Aves en Puerto Rico se puede leer en:

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